Prophetic Ministry


Sunday 9 AM Seers class & prophetic training, Worship Services 10:30am and 5:30 PM Wednesday - 7 PM Bible Study

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Savannah School of Prophets

We believe that the local church should have an active and mature prophetic voice. Moses wished all of the people would be prophets and Paul the Apostle said that all could be prophets and to desire prophecy above all the spiritual gifts. Numbers 11:29, 1 Corn. 14.

So at Freedom Fellowship we seek to become a house of prophetic people and ministry, our Savannah School of Prophets serves not just to educate and help mature the prophetic voice in the local church, but also serves to allow those with prophetic giftings to develop and have a community focused expression that can serve the entire region.

Our focus is to:

Establish a value for the Prophetic within the church and comunity

Encourage and Train the prophetic gift to maturity and in Godly character in all believers

Identify and Nurture those who demonstrate interest and gifting

Promote prophetic interaction among believers

Align prophetic gifting with apostolic gifting to create proper synergy of function

Maintain a safe prophetic atmosphere for development and removing fear of use

Establish function within the prophetic community, as Seers, Intercessors, Prophets, Wise Counsel

We currently offer:

Seers Class- introductory class to understanding the prophetic

School of Prophets- community of trained and developing prophets who seek to serve the body of Christ and the people of the region

Evangelistic and Personal Prophetic Teams- groups who are trained to share God's heart and desires for people

Round Table and Conference Events- times of discussion and specific training that often have guest ministers