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Sunday 9 AM Seers class & prophetic training, Worship Services 10:30am and 5:30 PM Wednesday - 7 PM Bible Study

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Freedom Fellowship is a group of regular people who gather together to honor our Lord Jesus Christ and encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Him.

What are your services like?

Whether it is through the music and singing, prayers whispered and  shouted praise, or sharing from God's word,  the center of all of our gatherings is to declare Jesus Christ as the King of kings. We encourage and invite everyone into a relationship with God through Jesus. Each service includes a time of worship, prayer, preaching, and giving. The sermons are built on God’s Word and how understanding His Word helps in transforming our lives to be more like Jesus Christ.

Do you provide childcare?

Childcare for morning woship is avaliable for children ages 2-12.

What should I wear?

We are more concerned about you and your presence with us than we are with what you wear. As a fellowship, we gather to worship the Lord and want to dress in a way that honors God. Most of our members wear something in the range of business casual to leisure casual.