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Finding The Lord's will- timothy bragg

Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were easy? You wake up one morning with a map and GPS that lead you straight to your destination. That's what most of us think of when we think of the Lord's will. A destination. A landmark. A monument. Something fixed that we can stand by and say, "Aha! I have arrived." 

But, as we progress in this journey of Life, we find that a destination isn't what the Lord is pointing us towards. He is pointing us toward a journey that further reveals who He is to us and who we are in Him. A road that veers across the landscape jarring us at times and leaving us in awe at other times. A trip that covers a lot of ground and has moments of doubt, fear and everything in between.

And it's in between these things that we are finding His will. Ultimately learning that the journey is more about the unveiling of His love and tender mercies than it is about where we are going and what we are doing. It's about learning that His goodness leads us to repentance. All of the bumps. All of the bruises. All of the joys. All of the wonderful surprises. Unveil a goodness that we know we don't deserve. 

One of the greatest traps that we encounter is the hidden snare of performance. The feeling that we need to be good enough to see God work His will out in our lives. It's a trap that keeps us running in the hampster wheel never believing that we are good enough. Never believing that God is good enough to do something so amazing for me. We find every fault and flaw that we have and determine that as long as we are flawed God will never be able to accomplish His will in our life. Every time that we make a mistake it is the evidence that we need to convict ourselves as judge and jury and sentence ourselves to a later time. Maybe God will do it when I get that right.

Yet, we should be able to notice a pattern in our lives. A pattern of mistakes, miscues and failures that lead down a path of His goodness being revealed. A path that leads us to understand that doing us good is His will and it will always be His will. A journey that cries out, "My mercies are renewed each morning!" A trail of growing love that is unveiled each time that we run to His everlasting arms.

What is God's will? That we know Him. That we know that we are fully embraced by His love- failures, insecurities, doubts, fears and all. He has embraced us and accepted us for all that we are. And, knowing that is His will. And, knowing that will keep us in His will.

Why? Because unlike Adam and Eve who ran from His presence when they ate from the tree, we run to His presence where we now eat from the tree of life. The place of freedom. The place of love. And, each time that we eat from Life, it reminds us of who we are and calls us to a place that is higher. That place is in Him. A place where we see Him, and because we see Him, we become more like Him.

by: Timothy Bragg



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